LiteMod Unit Mainframe – Paul C Buff hire Sydney

The UMF LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe is the heart of the LiteMod™ system, providing the interface for the various LiteMod™ accessories, including the Snoot, the Barndoors, the Gels/Filters and Gel Holder, and the Honeycomb Grids. The UMF easily attaches to the faceplate of your standard Paul C. Buff™ flash unit in place of the reflector. It includes both a 7-inch silver field reflector (80º beam spread) and accessory-interfacing mainframe for holding accessories. The built-in reflector/mainframe design offers a sturdy fit, reduces light spill, and provides heat dissipation with its air-flow holes. With the UMF, you can position your flash unit in any configuration and securely fasten accessories to achieve various effects. LiteMod Unit Mainframe – Paul C Buff is available for rent or hire from RENTaCAM Sydney.

Main features and specs:

  • 7-inch field reflector and mainframe in one
  • interface for all other LiteMod™ accessories
  • holds the LMSNT LiteMod™ Snoot, Barndoors, 7-inch honeycomb grids, …


  • LiteMod Unit Mainframe

Hire / rental rates:

  • 1 day: $10
  • 3 days/weekend: $15
  • weekly: $25

Prices are in AU$ and inclusive of GST. If you find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and when it comes to matching or beating it, we’ll see what we can do about it.

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