Metabones T speed booster ULTRA 0.71x Canon EF lens to Sony NEX hire

The Canon EF Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Speed Booster ULTRA from Metabones improves upon the original Metabones Speed Booster with a 5 element/4 group optical design that incorporates ultra-high refractive index tantalum-based glass for improved sharpness and reduced distortion and vignetting. The Speed Booster ULTRA allows a full frame Canon EF lens to be mounted to an APS-C format E-Mount camera and in doing so, increases the angle of view and the maximum aperture by approximately one f/stop. Metabones Canon EF lens to Sony NEX speed booster ULTRA is available for rent or hire from RENTaCAM Sydney.

Main features and specs:

  • Canon EF Lens to Sony E APS-C Body
  • Makes lens 0.71x wider
  • Supports In-Camera Aperture Control
  • 0.71x APS-C Crop Factor Compensation


  • front and rear cap, bag/case

Hire / rental rates:

  • 1 day: $30
  • 2 days/weekend: $45
  • weekly: $75

Prices are in AU$ and inclusive of GST. If you find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and when it comes to matching or beating it, we’ll see what we can do about it.

Interested in hiring the Metabones Canon EF lens to Sony NEX speed booster ULTRA? Contact RENTaCAM