Digidolly Professional kit hire – 4 meters

There are no tools required to put the Digidolly together. Every components slide together and are held by a single threaded bolt – saving yet more time. Also, most camera operators know that not all shots taken on a dolly are wide shots. An accessory for the Digidolly is the amazing “Stand-On Plate”, which slides onto the dolly in a second. The operator can therefore put their eye right up to the eyepiece of the camera and use the controls of the camera with ease. Furthermore, this feature is unique to Digidolly hire.

The Digidolly features a foam cushioning system that allows the digi dolly to be set up anywhere in minutes. It comes with a low-level camera mount (100mm bowl), which is already attached to the dolly for your convenience. Different size bowls can be fitted. The Digi dolly has 3 elastic foot straps which connect to your tripod feet. This ensures your tripod will never come away from the Digidolly. Digidolly Professional kit is available for rent or hire from RENTaCAM Sydney.

Main features and specs:

  • 4 meters
  • no tools required to put the Digidolly together
  • foam cushioning system
  • comes with a low-level camera mount
  • 3 elastic foot straps

Included with the Digidolly Professional kit hire:

  • Hi-Hat, Stand-on plate, Stand-on plate fitted bag, Stand-on plate handle (includes one length of track), Black anodised aluminum track — 1000mm each Foam suspension — 1000 mm each, Tripod locking knob (metric M10), Tripod locking knob (imperial 3/8), Tripod adaptor to suit rubber foot, bag

Hire / rental rates:

  • 1 day: $60
  • 2 days/weekend: $90
  • weekly: $150

Prices are in AU$ and inclusive of GST. If you find a better rental price elsewhere, let us know and when it comes to matching or beating it, we’ll see what we can do about it.

Interested in hiring the Digidolly Professional kit? Contact RENTaCAM